coordinador de bodas

Wedding coordination

zero problems

I will make sure that everything goes as you have planned it, always taking care of every detail. We will be with you from the first minute of the B-day.

Coordination of day b

Enjoy the moment

We want you to worry only about enjoying the moment. Leave all the last minute things in our hands.

Wedding Coordinator

I want to relax on B-day

The inmyteepee team will be ready to give their all in the perfect coordination of your wedding day:

  • We will create a timing so that all suppliers know what the timings are.
  • We will coordinate suppliers, check that everything is in place, welcome the guests and let them know when it is necessary; we will coordinate the music with the entrances to the ceremony, etc.
  • The most important parts of your wedding will be under control to make it beautiful and exciting. All the details and surprises will have their ideal and special moment.

If you don’t want to worry about absolutely EVERYTHING, we recommend that you take a look at our comprehensive wedding planning service. If in addition to coordinating your day B you want us to make everything beautiful, the wedding decoration service will interest you.

coordinadora de bodas

organising a wedding

How will we do this?

Coordination is one of the most important services at a wedding. We must make sure that everything goes as planned.

The wedding day is the staging of so many months of work and cannot be left to chance.


We want you to tell us every detail of your wedding: everything you have contracted, every surprise and every moment you have in mind.


We will talk to the suppliers. We will put the pieces of the puzzle together, we will shape your wedding.


We will create the perfect timings so that everything fits together, we will coordinate every detail of the day.

Day B

We just want you to enjoy

Wedding coordination

I don't want any trouble!

Want to relax on your wedding day? Then this service suits you perfectly – let us take care of it!

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