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We resume the wedding blog


I’ve been looking forward to writing this! About 2 and a half years ago this wedding blog started with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement.


For work reasons, I had to give it up. As you can understand, starting a wedding company in Asturias is complicated and requires time, especially in this seasonal job. Between working as an employee and combining this with my business and my weddings, it is complicated. Most of my holidays, breaks, even Sundays and public holidays, have been for my couples. Happy to be able to combine and that they all understood, of course.

I remember that the first post of the blog was entitled “A leap into the void”. Well, now we are going to take that leap. This small company has been growing little by little with hard work, effort and, above all, a lot of love. Proud of what we are achieving day by day. Grateful for every kind word that couples, friends and colleagues in the sector have dedicated to me during this time. And also thankful, why not, for the bad times, because you have to take a positive view of everything.

Of course, I have weddings to show you, but I also feel like writing about wedding dresses, decoration, trends…. What would you like to see on the blog? I’m looking forward to sharing a lot of things and the best is always yet to come.


This weekend we are going to the I WEDDING PLANNERS MEETING in Spain. With an incredible desire to put faces to many people, learn a lot and recharge batteries to the fullest! Next week we’ll tell you everything but during the weekend don’t miss the Instagram Stories where we’ll be telling you all about…

Wedding planner españa

Now you’re talking,


We’re going to give weddings in Asturias (and in Spain and wherever you want to take me), the wedding blog and this 2019 that we start with good intentions!

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