Wedding planner online


Are you looking for information, but still have doubts? Do you need advice on how to organise your time? Do you have “etiquette” doubts?

wedding planner online asturias

Online wedding consultancy

Do you need us to help you?

We offer you a new “online wedding planner” service so that you can count on our help as professionals in the sector.

Online wedding advice

What this service is about

We will help you in those moments when you don’t know how to proceed, you are undecided…. We will help you with the organisation of your wedding in the search for suppliers, as well as other doubts that may arise along the way. Problems with the decoration or uncertainty about the B-day. Together we will create an organisational schedule and set the dates of the meetings.

  • Contact via email prior to the sessions to let us know your doubts.

What this service is NOT

contratar a una weding planer online

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