organización de una boda civil

Integral organisation of weddings

Leave it in our hands

This service is the most comprehensive as we start from scratch with you. This service includes advice, creation of the entire decoration project and, of course, coordination of the wedding day.

how to organise a wedding?

We take care of everything

We start with the search for the space that best suits your needs. We will continue with the search for the suppliers that best suit your style and budget; advice, review of contracts, technical visits… 

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I want an integral wedding

We will accompany you all along the way: search for space, suppliers, technical visits, preparation schedule, decoration and coordination.

The first thing we will do is create a roadmap with a list of tasks and the approximate dates on which we will do these tasks, always adjusted to your needs. From there… everything else!

If you want something less complete you can take a look at our decoration service. If you just need a hand with the B-day, the coordination service is perfect.

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organising a wedding

How will we do this?

We want to accompany you throughout the organisation of your wedding, to see how you enjoy every part of the process.

Having help from the beginning will ensure that the result will be SPECTACULAR.


We will help you to find the suppliers that best suit you.


Every detail of the decoration will tell something about your story.


We will supervise and coordinate every detail of the big day.

Day B

Every effort has its reward

Destination wedding spain

Stylish weddings

If you already have some suppliers but you want to give that special touch to the space… Don’t settle for a standard decoration if what you want is to make a difference, that the decoration speaks of you and your history.

pasos para organizar una boda

Organising a wedding in Spain

We take your party all over the world

Are you from abroad and want to celebrate your wedding in style in our country? We will be delighted to help you make your dream come true.

Whether it’s because your family lives here, or you are in love with all the unique places that Spain has to offer? We will take care of everything!

Integral organisation of weddings

Let's get cracking!

Say goodbye to all worries with our comprehensive organisation service.

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